Assessment for Education Transformation



I’m a writer, teacher, educational researcher, and assessment designer with a passionate interest in serving children, doing my part to make a future predicated on respect for humanity, our natural resources, and our cultural and historical artifacts. A future where every person has the resources to become her best self.

I bring fifteen years experience in education, as a teacher, instructional designer, content, curriculum specialist, and assessment designer, to the work I do in educational assessment. I am passionate about our ability to make assessment a relevant, fun, and deeply worthwhile endeavor.

For my work, I’m fueled by hope and spurred by an acute sense of indignation. The hope springs from every experience I have with children as a teacher, friend, and mentor. I am in awe of their creativity, their capacity to love, their resilience and their vulnerability.

The indignation rises because of social injustices. I taught English as a Second Language in New York City for a number of years and saw firsthand the trials and tribulations of immigrants and others living in the fringes of our linguistic culture, denied the full access to gainful employment and citizenship that literacy can provide. I can’t ignore the educational data that show material gaps in learning, in growing, and in achieving.

I believe good education assessment data can make a powerful difference in the life of a person, a school environment, and a community when it is used effectively. I believe assessment data can and will get better, more sophisticated, more holistic, and give a fuller representation of the people it represents: our children.

I work every day to make those beliefs real in the world.